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Wild Crypto

Ended: Sep 12, 2017

Merging Blockchain Technology with eGaming

$15,410.00 raised. The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users a fully anonymous & international Lottery & eGaming platform, built upon blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a platform that is 100% decentralised and honest, publishing the results to the blockchain. We plan on turning the Lotto & eGaming industry on its head. Wild Crypto will produce 100 million tokens in full, offering 30 million tokens to the public in the ICO. These tokens will be exchanged on our platform at a rate of 100:1 but will be offered at 2000:1 during the ICO launch, giving ICO participants a built in bonus after purchase. Once the lottery has been successfully launched the plan will begin to introduce newly designed slot, casino & lotto based games. Participate in the extraordinary growth potential of the Online Lottery & eGaming industry. Register today and back our fundraising ICO – Starting September 5th 2017.


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Intro Video

ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Hard Cap:
50,000,000 WILD
Total supply
100,000,000 WILD

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Sep 5, 2017 — Sep 12, 2017 @ 7 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
30,000,000 WILD @ 30.0%

ICO Overview

Lotteries are very popular around the world with a combined global worth of over $260 billion. The Powerballs, Mega millions and countless other Lotto games garner much attention and hype throughout the world even in the countries and states where it is not available at all. We all know despite all the following and hype, there are serious limitations that these lotteries have to face.They include heavy government taxes and regulations, very unlikely odds to win, and not particularly popular with the younger audience aged 40 and below. This is where Wild Crypto is focused. This new Ethereum based Lottery is “Gaming the Game” they plan to in disputes the traditional lottery market by offers the world first truly global lottery.The first thing can be guaranteed in the crypto lottery is that there are no nation states creaming off the profits, this results in the best possible odds and returns for players.The blockchain technology delivers us the transparency we need while looking for a lottery and the associated instant win games and virtual games are designed to appeal to the younger generation and deliver skill based elements that deliver engagement and fun. Wild Crypto is based on Etherums ERC 20 platform also promises to offer the worlds best odds. Global lotteries only give odds of 156 million to 1, while the Wild Crypto will offer 12 million to 1. These are somewhat realistic odds and the company claims it will guarantee big winners week in week out.With these good odds, it is likely that not just the younger generations will be interested, these odds should deliver significant player volumes from traditional age groups as well. The logic is compelling, I can see this starting a wave of player migration, I can see this the future of lotteries changing driven by Wild Crypto. The Wild Crypto ICO is set to be launched on September 5th, 2017 later this year and will go on for 7 days.A total of 100 million “Wilds” are expected to be produced in the business model in full. 30% of the coins will be available in the first ICO at a fixed rate of 2000:1 (100 Wilds in exchange for one Ether). Later on, they are will be fixed at 100:1 so ICO participants will have a natural edge. The rest of the “Wilds” are used for operations and prize funds, this shows the team behind this business understand the business and the importance of being able to offer substantial roll over jackpots from launch. Conclusion, I’m investing, worst case is that I have a fist full of “Wilds” to play the lottery and associated games, alternatively I can leave my “Wilds” in storage and play with my guaranteed 8.66% monthly bonus “Wilds”. However, getting it at 2000:1 offers an attractive upside if I want to flip.


Kiri Cavill
Business Development CoFounder
Ed Zynda Iii
Blockchain Development - Co Founder
Nicolle Maltwood
Social Media Director
Frank Pira
Jonathan Day
Blockchain & Finance - Co Founder


Jason Stratford
Gaming Developer & Advisor
Glenda Rivoallan
Business Development Advisor
Nigel Renouf
Gaming Advisor
Andrew Jarrett
Senior Business & Gaming Advisor

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