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Ended: Oct 31, 2018

Online E-Ticketing Platform. Decentralized event hosting and e-ticketing via smart contracts to provide more security, transparency and control. The UTIX Protocol is significantly different to alternative blockchain based event systems currently available on the market. Users enjoy all the benefits of using a blockchain system, without the complexities involved. The UTIX protocol ensures it always remains free for event organisers to use, through the use of our reserve fund lending mechanism. The practical and effective uses of Ethereum smart contracts ensure Event Organisers and Artists maintain control of their brand. The UTIX protocol can facilitate this cost-free mechanism by introducing the Reserve Fund; a wallet containing an amount of tokens that are distributed and redeemed following an event, enabling a cost free blockchain solution for event organisers.

UTIX is an online, decentralised event hosting and e-ticketing platform that utilises smart contracts to reduce market inefficiencies and provide event organisers (EO) with variables they conventionally would not be able to control. Users and event organisers can buy or sell tickets through cryptographic signatures stored on a blockchain that cannot be altered or destroyed, removing the requirement of centralized servers, over-reliance on costly third parties and other negative externalities that arise through an unregulated free market mechanism.

UTIX is an online, decentralised blockchain event hosting and e-ticketing platform. The UTIX protocol eliminates any possibility of counterfeit tickets being sold and also ensures that secondary pricing can be controlled as well. The smart contracts will facilitate transfers between the UTIX Reserve Fund (RF), the event organiser, the user, and the secondary ticket purchaser. UTIX allows the event organiser to enjoy all the benefits of using a blockchain system, without the complexities involved.


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Soft Cap:
1,500,000 USD
Hard Cap:
18,000,000 USD
British Virgin Islands
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Date Sale:
Oct 1, 2018 — Oct 31, 2018 @ 30 days

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