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Ended: Jun 2, 2018

First  project invested by Cardano Core team (Emurgo).

Traxia is a B2B trade finance platform that allows SMEs to access short-term funding by using their accounts receivables as collateral. Institutional investors can buy and trade this newly created tokenized debt securities on a global market.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
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Pre-Sale Date:
Mar 26, 2018

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
May 1, 2018 — Jun 2, 2018 @ 32 days
1 TMT = 0.15 USD

ICO Overview

Why people like it:

  • First project invested by Cardano (through Emurgo investment arm)
  • Targets a global $43 trillion market
  • First use-case with Porsche Design in China
  • Platform up and running (second version in April 2018)

How does it actually work?

  • A Small Medium Enterprise (SME) creates a profile and Uploads their invoices with a large multinational company (MNC) to the platform.
  • The MNC verifies the invoice and if in agreement with the terms, accepts the debt by using their private key.
  • We create a digital asset (smart-contract) out of that invoice - this debt security can now be traded.
  • Institutional investors make an offer to buy this debt security at a discount 
  • The Investor who bids the lowest discount acquires the debt security token by paying the SME in a Fiat currency.
  • The Investor now owns the security. He can also trade it on a secondary market.
  • On the due date, the MNC pays the investor or the current holder of the debt security back in fiat currency

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


Joyce Gu
Senior Sales Support
Jean Michel Lied Lied
Carl Wegner
Mauricio Benitez
Zennon Kapron
Jerome Eger
Business Development
Bernd-Uwe Stucken
Bruno Botelho
Tobias Pfütze
CEO & Co-founder
Wei Zhou
John Burbidge
Alexander Feenie
Business Development
Armin Bieser
Senior Management and Strategy Support
Sebastien Cheng
Business Development Executive
Jonas Tang
Miguel Solana
Product Strategy and Europe
Darren Camas
William Bao Bean
Florian Zeim
co-Founder & Product Development
Jake Fisch


  • V1 (alpha) January 2018 & V1 (beta) March 2018: Monolith API (PHP), web clients (Angular 4 / Typescript)

    In terms of architecture, we have three entities working together.First, we build the core of the project around our first use case and initial focus to make the Traxia ecosystem viable i.e. our CMS, This CMS has been developed using robust technologies such as (PHP, Typescript, Angular). The CMS has a monolith architecture API (PHP) and uses Angular 4/Typescript as client. Second, we have a marketplace where professional investors can trade digital assets that are collateralized by invoices and other relevant contracts in relation to such a trade. This marketplace is powered using an open source projects (currently proofsuite and we are in close contact with their development team and CTO - Tai Kersten). We are also working with other open source projects for operating such a marketplace such as e.g. Lykke and are in touch with their Singapore team (Zheng Wei Quah and Alan Laubsch). Third, the ecosystem will be powered by a membership/voucher Token (TMT) that remunerates and incentivizes the participants and technology providers within the ecosystem.
  • V2 April 2018: Monolith API (PHP), web clients (Angular 4 / Typescript)

    Our second version will have a different approach, based on the latest client feedback as well as the product roadmap and the necessary flexibility within that roadmap. The key philosophy is to ease the process and make the platform as easy to use as possible for our users. Traxia will also develop the next generation of the CMS and use a microservice API architecture (NodeJS/Typescript/GraphQL) that will be responsible to organise the different services and clients. Our platform clients will be web client (ReactJS/Typescript/Redux) and mobile client (React native/Typescript/Redux). The second version of the product will be built on the Cardano Blockchain Infrastructure. The TMT Token will be made available on Cardano and we believe a more seamless integration between the Traxia Ecosystem requiring TMT to pay for the technical services provided by LiqEase.
  • V3 June / July 2018: Microservice API (NodeJS/Typescript/GraphQL), webclient (ReactJS/Typescript/Redux), mobileclient (React Native/Typescript/Redux)

    The third version will focus on the Smart Contracts and making them ‘truly smart’. Our focus in V1 and V2 is to satisfy market demand and prove that a blockchain-based solution is viable for trade finance. Operating a stable and scalable product that solves the trade finance gap utilizing a blockchain for securitization of the underlying trade will give us the necessary fundamentals to evolve the product over time and integrate smart contracts into the enterprise systems and workflows.

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