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Ended: Dec 5, 2017

Tetarise is the first blockchain platform for booking hotels and apartments. Cashback 5% from every of your booking order! Travel easily with Tetarise ;)

The first blockchain platform for booking hotels and apartments.


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Total supply
100,000,000 TTR

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Nov 15, 2017 — Dec 5, 2017 @ 20 days

ICO Overview

Tetarise The First Blockchain Platform for Booking Hotels and Apartments Travel cheaper! Lifetime 5% cashback from each of your reservation. We like traveling and create a service for travelers. Become a part of it. How it works Many of us go traveling or on a business trip to a different country every year, booking accommodation on, or There are several hundred of these platforms on offer around the world. They save you time on seeking a hotel, apartment or flat as well as save money by booking a room at a discount. All of them are similar, and in most cases, they are stand out from others only at the expense of a huge advertising budget. ICO A total of 100 million TTR tokens will be issued. They will be offered on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The TTR token offer will take place in two stages: Pre-ICO — 15.11.17-15.12.17 — goal is $500,000 ICO — January 2018 — goal is $10,000,000. Moreover! We offer to each investor: who invested in Tetarise 10 ETH and more at the pre-ICO stage, and who invested in Tetarise 20 ETH and more at the ICO stage lifetime return of the hotel fees IN FULL at the level of 10-15%

Telegram members

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Zhanna Rachinskaya
Chief Operations Officer
Olga Kosenkova
Community Manager
Yuriy Miroshin
Сo-Founder, CEO
Viktoriia Ivanchenko
Chief Marketing Officer – Tetarise
Anastasiia Honcharuk
Public Relations
Denis Oleynik
Yuriy Mishkur
Chief Technical Officer
Alexandr Hodos
Expert in tourism – Tetarise
Yanina Shevchenko
Director of Consulting
Yaroslav Gadzinsky
Public relations & communications | Marketing | SM...


Edward Ruchevits
Edgar Kampers
Marcel Schlatter
Irina Velichko
Henrique Centieiro
Aaron Schwartz
Simon Cocking

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