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Taylor - Crypto Trading for Everyone

Taylor is an easy-to-use service that combines a cryptocurrency trading signal service with a mobile trading app where users can enter into automated trading opportunities.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Soft Cap:
500 ETH

Public Crowdsale


ICO Overview

Taylor is an easy-to-use service that combines a cryptocurrency trading signal service with a mobile trading app where users can enter into automated trading opportunities.

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


Frederico Marques
Fullstack Developer
João Carvalho
Solidity Developer
Pedro Marins
Front-end Developer
Fabio Seixas
Co-Founder & CEO
Fernando Lima
UX Designer
Ana Elle
Community Manager
Andre Diamand Angel
Investor at VentureOne, Startup Mentor
Felipe Matos
Founder at Startup Farm, former COO of Start-Up Brazil
Jayme Witte
Lawyer, PWPB Law
Bernardo Ramalho
UI Designer
Renato Zamagna
Content Specialist
Luiz Almeida
Fullstack Developer
Rafael Salmon
Chief Marketing Officer
Thiago Régis
Co-founder & CTO
Amure Pinho
Mobile App Specialist, President of the Brazilian Startups Association
Everton Fraga Software
Engineer at Ethereum, Mist Team
Alexandra Scheufler
Public Relations Manager
Brad Mills
Crypto trader, Head of Algorithms


  • 1st Quarter 2017

    First market monitor bot developed Telegram channel created with the signal bot. 1,100+ members to date.
  • 2nd Quarter 2017

    Proof of concept desktop software developed (CryptoScaper) BitcoinTalk ANN
  • 3rd Quarter 2017

    Validation of the proof of concept desktop software through daily use and alpha users feedback Service concept and brand development Advisors and team building Private Token Sale
  • 4th Quarter 2017

    Mobile app UX design Service backend development Market monitor bot development and improvements Public Token Sale campaign launch Mobile app development
  • 1st Quarter 2018

    Mobile app Beta version launch (service will be free to use) TAY TGE (Token Generation Event) Token sale
  • 2nd Quarter 2018

    Taylor Mobile App V1 launch. Service will be free for the next 6 months New trading / market monitor strategies built into the service
  • 3rd Quarter 2018

    Support for more exchanges More trading / market monitor strategies built into the service
  • 4th Quarter 2018

    Desktop App release Users custom trading / market monitor strategies
  • 1st Quarter 2019

    End of free service. Billing started Social trading / Follow traders feature
  • 2nd Quarter 2019

    Web App release Auto trade feature
  • 3rd Quarter 2019

    New yet to be discovered features, products and services

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