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Ended: Nov 9, 2017
SmartBillions is reinventing, disrupting and changing the rules of the worldwide lottery gaming environment. It is the first fully decentralized and transparent lottery. - find our white paper (smart paper) there.

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Oct 9, 2017 — Nov 9, 2017 @ 31 days

ICO Overview

About SmartBillions We stand against the greedy business models of ICOs with fraudulent intentions and unfair fund and token distribution schemes, which operate without genuine products behind them. We stand for fundamental blockchain values (decentralization, disintermediation, transparency, security and freedom), as well as comprehensive investor transparency. The Token and fund distribution models offered by SmartBillions are extremely favorable for Investors. SmartBillions is the first ICO to offer downside protection for its crowdsale backers. Blockchain is not just about people - it’s about providing people with the right technology. It's about revolutionizing historic industries which have long been based on monopolies and a lack of transparency and have worked against the benefit of the community. And just like blockchain and the idea of the smart contract, SmartBillions is not about the people behind it. It is about the people who use it and their fully transparent freedom to win. The SmartBillions is an Ethereum smart contract where all operations are recorded on the blockchain and public. SmartBillions is a lottery where players chose 6 numbers between 0 and 15 and set their ticket values. Payouts require at least 2 correct matches. The lottery results are taken from the hash of the third subsequent Ethereum block (its last 6 digits). This guarantees full transparency and fairness of the lottery. The revolutionary character of the SmartBillions Ethereum smart contract lottery comes from: The lottery is operated by a fully independent smart contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor. The whole process is held on Ethereum blockchain. The limited PLAY Tokens sale crowdfunding goal is set for the highest initial Jackpot of all online lotteries (180,000 ETH), with an unprecedented win structure not limited to the Jackpot value. Full transparency and security thanks to the smart contract’s elimination of any third-party involvement in the lottery process and funds management. Lack of sign-up requirements providing full anonymity with instant Ticket purchase capabilities. No prior deposit requirements - direct Ticket payment from players’ digital wallets. Immediate, secure and anonymous payouts directly after each lottery drawing. Nearly instantaneous bet placement (under 1 minute), results (approximately 60 seconds) and win payout (instant).

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