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Finance / Platform Finance

Sisu token

Ended: Feb 28, 2018
Sisu is creating an automated financial planning and implementation platform.

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Feb 1, 2018 — Feb 28, 2018 @ 27 days

ICO Overview

WHY SISU Most middle class Americans have inefficient personal financial lives. Sisu offers a solution that simplifies, automates, and integrates financial strategies. THE PROBLEM Sisu has identified four factors that contribute to financial inefficiency: Financial planning is complex, cumbersome, and does not offer any immediate rewards Individuals are required to proactively engage in their financial plan and to implement changes on their own in order to benefit Conflict of interest between the advisor and client is common Currently, there is no user-friendly solution for the financially unsophisticated middle class American THE SOLUTION The solution isn't more planning, but, rather, automation. Sisu is creating an automated financial planning and implementation platform that relieves the client from financial decision-making, to facilitate increasing the client’s net worth. Sisu provides a platform that: organizes the client’s financial affairs in one central place uses existing channels and tools that the client is already utilizing learns from the client’s behavior, considers external factors, such as changes in tax law and industry trends to optimize and dynamically implement the client’s financial plan eliminates conflict of interest between client and advisor by charging only for measurable value added

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