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Ended: Mar 11, 2018

We are creating an account that will unite currencies and cryptocurrencies and you'll be able to store both safely in one place, easily exchange and use crypto in everyday life. Our multi-layered, bank-grade security helps to keep our customers’ money safe. Saifu has a license and is monitored by external regulators. Saifu is fast and easy to use so our customers don’t need any special skills.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Soft Cap:
10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap:
49,000,000 USD
Czech Republic
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Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Jan 15, 2018 — Mar 11, 2018 @ 55 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
200,000,000 SFU

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


Zach Murray
Head of Communications
Evgeny Vigovsky
COO&CTO, Co-Founder
Alexander Legoshin
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder
Eizens Slava
Head of Back Office
Victoria Kolosova
Head of Legal


  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are easy and safe to use for wide audiences of individuals.

    - Small Payment Institution license - Accounts in fiat and crypto currencies - Payments and exchange operations for fiat and crypto currencies - Bank grade security platform for the safest possible storing customers’ cryptocurrencies and operations - Fiat currencies wire transfers in/out (SEPA, SWIFT) - Account topping-up with Visa/MC cards of any banks - Transfer out fiat currencies to Visa/MC cards of any banks - Saifu prepaid cards that can be linked to fiat or crypto currencies - Trading robot for crypto currencies - Brand new Online and Mobile bank UIs, tailored for non-tech savvy users - Full Compliance (KYC/AML/CTF etc.) for fiat and cryptocurrencies operations
  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are easy and safe to use for individuals and business.

    - Authorized Payment Institution/Electronic Money Institution license - Accounts with IBANs in fiat and crypto currencies - Connection to SWIFT - SEPA integration - Programs for after-ICO companies who want to store and use both crypto and fiat currencies for their business operations - Payroll programs in crypto and fiat currencies - Cryptocurrencies acquiring and payments for online and offline business - Platform for easy and safe buying and holding crypto tokens targeted at non-tech savvy people - Advanced trading robot for cryptocurrencies with full use of AI and Big Data - Visa and Mastercard principal licenses - Mobile payments – Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay - Fiat currencies acquiring - Card issuing
  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are easy and safe to use for individuals, business and banks.

    - Commercial Bank license - Interbank platform for cryptocurrencies operations clearing (we exchange corresponding accounts with banks-participants) - Saving deposits in both fiat and cryptocurrencies - Credit cards - Open API

How to verify ICO

To get a verified status, you need to place a our logo with the link on your ICO's website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts.

Have you found any errors or inaccuracies? Please, let us know . Are you the representative of the ICO? We a variety of offers for cooperation.

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