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  • 2013 - Start

    - Birth of the AI Project after a successful trial in the B2B world with two financial institutions
  • 2014 - First Platform release

    - Constant R&D to improve the algorithm and developing an advanced IT platform
  • 2015 - Robo-Portfolios: Virtual Automated Portfolios

    - Our platform starts to simulate automated assets allocation proposals, namelysimulated Robo-portfolios
  • 2016 - Robo-Advisor for all

    - Our team develops prediction and automated asset allocations tools for private users.- In April our platform began generating and sending out automated reports and weekly news articles including stocks market analysis and forecasts.
  • 2017 - Premium services

    - Our Robo Advisor elaborates and generates daily predictions about stocks, ETFs, currencies, mutual funds, bonds, etc.- In March, our AI platform offers analytics on small cap sectors (e.g., AIM Italy index, AIM UK index, etc.).
  • August 2017 - Minimal Viable Product (Self-funded)

    - In August, we became the first Robo-Advisor engine able to offer simple forecasts related to cryptos and tokens.
  • October 2017 - ICO first stage

    - Our priority after the token launch will be to expand our Team to improve the expertise and operations in the Robo-advisory domain. We intend to attract the most talented and accomplished personnel currently available in relevant areas including: Blockchain, Machine Learning, Fintech industries and Financial Markets.
  • January - March 2018 - 2nd stage of the ICO

    - The current platform is already fully functional and the idea of the ICO is to take our service to a next level in order to become a worldwide leading provider of on-demand forecasts and analytics.
  • Mid 2018 - Milestone 1 - Sport betting services

    - This phase will allow us to work at expanding our existing architecture to the betting world. We aim at developing a new type of betting platform. This means that we plan to further improve our existing infrastructure, both relating to the production of accurate and timely forecasts and personalized news, and to provide new services in gambling area. The system will offer new services in betting area as described in this white paper: sports predictions, customized statistics and sport advices, machine learning ticket evaluation and Beat the Bot services. All of the RAC platform services will be exclusively available in exchange for RAC tokens.
  • Late 2018 - Milestone 2 - Betting exchange services

    - We will use a customized SmartContract engine to enable users to create a personal and/or shared sportsbook. Each sportsbook will accept bets from players using cryptocurrencies. The RoboAdvisorCoin platform will be the first system able to accept RAC Tokens to enable a user to become a bookmaker. The platform will be the first system whereby final users can accept bets from other users in cryptocurrencies.
  • Late 2019 - Milestone 3 - Skill games services

    - We will launch our sports skill games, as for example we described at least 2 in this white paper: Sport Roulette and Last Minute Bingo. We plan to extend our betting services, focused in the first stage of the project on soccer, to other sports. We will also plan to move our operations to the Middle East, which has a huge Ethereum community and extremely good business environment for companies. Moreover, it has a great connection to our go to market, namely Asia.

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