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Ended: Nov 30, 2017

Pally is the first decentralised social travel ecosystem in the world. Our technology enables travellers to create friendships and access authentic experiences in new cities through local people - using direct peer-to-peer payment

Decentralised Social Travel Ecosystem

Pally is the first travel experience platform powered through decentralised smart-contract technology. The Pally ecosystem is comprised of Pally Social – a mobile application that is currently available in beta from the Apple App Store, and Pally Adventures, a community marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in new cities through experiences hosted by locals.

Decentralised Social Travel

Decentralised social travel ecosystem

A decentralized social travel platform similar to Airbnb in which travelers share their skills with local host businesses.

$22,209 raised Pally is the first decentralised social travel ecosystem in the world. Our technology enables travellers to create friendships and access authentic experiences in new cities through local people - using direct peer-to-peer payment


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Hard Cap:
4,550,000 USD
Penpal Group Ltd.
United Kingdom
Total supply
100,000,000 PAL

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Oct 15, 2017 — Nov 30, 2017 @ 46 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
50,000,000 PAL @ 50.0%
1 PAL = 0.075 USD

ICO Overview

Pally is enabling its community to experience the world's cities in a way that is social and authentic. By deploying their technology as a layer on blockchain and smart contract technology, Pally’s community tokens will enable visitors to connect with their counterparts in cities around the world, allowing them to build friendships and access experiences curated by locals. In a world where technology is beginning to erode the concept of ‘the stranger,’ the decentralised community of Pallies is beginning to flourish.

Pally is the first decentralised social travel ecosystem in the world. Our technology enables travellers to create friendships and access authentic experiences in new cities through local people - using direct peer-to-peer payment

Pally is a decentralised social travel site that connects travelers with locals to enjoy unique experiences through the Pally iOS app and website. The presale, which intends to raise $250,000 will occur in August 2017 through the sale of 10 million Pallycoins at $0.025 The main sale, capped at $3.75 million dollars (50 million PAL tokens) is scheduled for October 2017. Pally’s targeted beta launch in London has developed a community of more than 25,000 users.

Pally focuses on connecting travelers with locals to enjoy unique experiences outside of mainstream touristic activities. Spending PallyCoins, the sole means of payment within the system, will allow travelers to arrange unique experiences and adventures with locals offering to share a range of insights about their homes. Smart Contracts will provide an escrow function for peer to peer transactions, with coins released upon participant confirmation of a completed experience. The Pally Whitepaper does not mention how dispute resolution will be addressed on the network.

Locals will earn Pallycoins while sharing the favorite elements of their cities with travelers or helping visitors plan their travels by chatting with them within the Pally app. Pally argues that its use of blockchain technology will allow fees to be lower and for more of the fees to remain in the hands of hosts, compared to similar programs hosted by leading commercial travel sites such as Airbnb. Pally will also allow young people to supplement their earnings by sharing their local knowledge–many of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe also have some of the highest instances of youth unemployment–while promoting interaction between travellers and locals.Pally intends to integrate Ethereum Name Services in order to ease the introduction to cryptocurrencies by allowing users to interact with and send payment to names rather than hexadecimal addresses.

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, the convertible ERC20 based PallyCoin will be used as a payment token within the network as travelers interact with local guides. There are three ways that users of the Pally app can earn rewards on the newtork.

20 million PAL tokens will be allocated from the 100 million premined tokens for rewards, with another 20 million being retained by the team. The balance of tokens will be sold during the pre-ICO and ICO, with no new coins to be emitted afterwards. Pally has a reward engine that will allocate extra coins to the most active chat users and most highly rated local guides on a semiannual basis.

Cofounders Oliver Anderson and Afiola Etomi have blockchain, consulting and fintech experience. Pally also has an in-house technical team, led by CTO Dario Ceccoli who, while having a wide range of experiences, does not have a background in blockchain projects.

About Pally Pally is the world's first travel experience ecosystem powered by smart-contract technology. The community exists to enable people to have authentic travel experiences, and is centred around two products. The first is Pally Social, an iOS application that is available in beta on the Apple App Store and Pally Adventures, a community marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in new cities through unique experiences curated by local hosts that know the given city inside-out. Pally Social enables travelers who are visiting new cities to connect with locals of the given city, as well as with other travelers who are exploring the same place. Thus far, Pally Social has received significant public attention with a rapidly growing community of over 25,000 who engage across digital channels. Pally has also received valuable support from high-profile advisors within the travel, technology and financial services spaces. The decentralisation of Pally’s platform will be introduced in a private environment alpha in late Q4 2017, allowing users to earn and exchange PallyCoins (PAL) by connecting, chatting and meeting up with each other. This incentivises local-visitor connections, bringing people together across borders in an age of growing isolationism. PallyCoins will also be used by members of the community to pay their local experience hosts for the Adventures they take part in when they travel. The Pally Adventures marketplace is changing the way Millennials explore new cities on a budget. Experiences are hosted by a selection of local hosts with interesting passions in the city they host their experience (for the purpose of the beta, London), and who enjoy meeting new people. Visitors are able to access these experiences through our Progressive Web Application and can exchange and pay with PAL tokens. Users will be able to exchange PAL tokens directly within the Pally ecosystem via our internally built exchange service, enabling fiat currency to be converted into PAL. Whether users take pleasure in playing tennis or eating the best ramen burgers in street markets, Pally will enable its community to do the things they enjoy with exciting local people in some of the world’s most visited cities – starting off in London and rolling out globally throughout 2018. Pally has successfully raised 753 ETH (250,000 USD) in the pre-sale. The tokens were sold in 11 minutes.

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News & Media

Pally May Update

May 30, 2018, 1:10:35 PM

Pally April Update

Apr 13, 2018, 5:49:09 PM

Team Pally March Update

Mar 16, 2018, 6:54:38 PM

Team Pally February Update

Feb 17, 2018, 5:59:05 PM

Team Pally January Update 2.0

Jan 30, 2018, 6:26:08 PM

Team Pally January Update

Jan 10, 2018, 9:48:11 PM

Pally Successfully Concludes ICO

Dec 13, 2017, 7:09:54 PM

Pally ICO Soft-Cap Reached

Nov 26, 2017, 2:07:46 PM

Pally Token Sale Extension

Nov 13, 2017, 4:47:14 PM


Stoyan Petrov
Head of Marketing
Merunas Grincalaitis
Smart Contract Developer
Milos Soskic
Lead UI/UX
Kaisun Raj
Community Manager
Tanya Faye
Community Manager
Afiola Etomi
Co-Founder & COO
Oliver Andersen
Co-Founder & CEO
Foluso Ogunlana
Dario Ceccoli
Stoyan Petov
Head of Marketing
Oliver F. Andersen
Co-Founder & CEO


Yvonne Ike
Chief Financial Advisor
Stefan Allesch Taylo...
Strategy Advisor
Ore Adeyemi
Strategy and Operations Advisor
Liz Hosmer
Go to market Strategy Advisor
Stephen Irvine
Growth Marketing Advisor
Arnaud Benard
Chief Technical Advisor

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