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Ended: Dec 15, 2017

Platform provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds

A platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.

A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds

Nousplatform is a global platform for Investors and decentralized Investment Funds. Nousplatform is a platform for the collaboration of investment funds and investors. It includes a personal back office, statistical reports, wallets, lists of funds and their ratings. For investors, the platform is a turnkey solution for managing its own assets.

The platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.

Nousplatform is a web interface that interacts with the clients’ Nousprotocol library, as well as with the API, which in turn interacts with the nous smart contract and database. Most profitable and entrusted funds will be listed in the ratings on the platform and will be available for every investor using the Nousplatform to see and participate. The market potential for Nousplatform is estimated to be at least $10 trillion. There are many hedge funds, banks, institutional investors, private investment funds, family trusts, venture capital funds and many more investing entities.

Decentralized Investment Funds based on blockchain


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Soft Cap:
1,600,000 USD
Hard Cap:
25,000,000 USD
United Kingdom
Total supply
777,000,000 NOUS

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Nov 30, 2017 — Dec 15, 2017 @ 15 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
543,900,000 NOUS @ 70.0%

Token distribution

Open source software development 30.0%
Crypto Assets Fund 15.0%
Real Estate Fund 15.0%
Marketing and Business Development 15.0%
Operational Expenses 5.0%
Legal Expenses, Licenses (FCA, SEC, etc.) 20.0%

ICO Overview

About Nousplatform Advantages for the fund managers Funds management based on blockchain ICOs for closed-end funds (ETF) Tokenized assets ownership confirmation Real-Time snapshots of portfolio balances NOUS token is a stable blockchain asset to issue or redeem fund assets Reserve of nous tokens to increase open-ended fund liquidity Built-in Nousplatform investor’s community can participate in any fund built on Nousplatform Advantages for the investors Invest in the best performing funds based on nousplatform Limit your risks, by choosing top funds with different portfolios Use blockchain-confirmed reports to analyze investment funds’ performance Trade ETFs on decentralized nous exchange

The platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.

Telegram members

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Maria Ostrovskaya
UI/UX Designer
Tatyana Marusina
HR Manager
Denis Zailer
Front-End Developer
Ken Tachibana
Valeriy Manchenko
Fullstack, blockchain Developer
Brian Kusmer
Alex​ ​Man
John Cioe
Founder/CEO - INOV8 Sports
Dmitriy Belov
Andrey Vorobyovski
Viktor Pulyaev
COO & Co-Founder
Vladislav Toloknov
Back-End Developer
Anatol Ostrowski
CTO & Co-Founder
Andrew Vorobyovski
Alexander Uglov
Alexander Chepelev
CFO & Co-Founder
Irik Musabirov
Daniil Chabanets
Public relations & Co-Founder
Alexandr Chepelev
CFO & Co-Founder
Vyacheslav Pustovoy
CEO & Co-Founder

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