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The MUXE Real Estate concept is to make Real Estate buying and selling simpler for clients. We aim to create a Cyber Estate Trading P2P Listing Platform, using a community-centric approach to ensure total client satisfaction. Using a property listing platform, clients can list their homes using the MUXE token to advertise internationally. This type of platform will be able to showcase properties of interest giving every client the opportunity to buy and sell internationally; generating exposure to all kinds of Real Estate Markets.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Fiat, ETH
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Public Crowdsale

Sale Avalable Tokens:
7,000,000,000 MUXE
1 MUXE = 0.01 EUR

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


  • 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2018

    THE BEGINNING OF THE ROAD. Establishing the website and branding process (end January 2018). Creating a community of followers and members. Establish Newsletter medium for our investors. Publication of the white paper V1.0. Increase the reach/awareness of the MUXE project. Search Engine Optimization for MUXE websites. Start PRE ICO Sale for MUXE initial Token Purchase. Launch the MUX for MUXE swap. Create a unique wallet for MUXE. Develop the MUXE Real Estate listing platform.
  • 1 April - 30 June 2018

    CONTINUING ON THE WAY.. Get MUXE listed on an exchange. Creating a unique mobile wallet for MUXE. Apply MUXE for Coinmarketcap. Get MUXE Mentioned on Cryptocoin related news sites. Get Blogpost listings for MUXE on Real Estate article sites. Prepare MUXE for more exchanges. Launch Beta platform for the MUXE Real Estate listing platform V0.4. Releasing our visionary concept of the MUXE Real Estate platform. Start PUBLIC ICO Sale for MUXE initial Token Purchase.
  • 1 Jul - 31 Dec 2018

    LAUNCHING THE OFFICIAL RELEASE. Launch the full whitepaper of the MUXE Platform. Launch the full roadmap of the MUXE Platform. Launch the full marketing plan of the MUXE Platform. Launch the MUXE platform. Start filling the database with Real Estate in a few countries.

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