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Ended: Oct 20, 2017
Moncrypt is a new kind of banking based on blockchain technology, invented by a group of American-Ukrainian developers. These developers include Oleg Surkov, who finances the project, Igor Yermakov, who works as the lead programmer, Kateryna Mykytiuk, a marketing specialist, and Vladyslav Presnov, a specialist in coordination and communications.

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United Kingdom

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Sep 20, 2017 — Oct 20, 2017 @ 30 days

ICO Overview

About Moncrypt We’re obsessed with security. Our servers with cold storage are located inside the Alps, not connected to web and keys are stored in Swiss bank deposit box. We store all transactions information on our Cloud Storage on satellite. So you are sure all info about your crypto assets should be secure in any case. The most important information and keys are transferred using quantum cryptography. This means nobody should intercept and use your private keys. We use 3 biometric identifications (fingerprint, voice and face) and this info is classified. Only our robotic system can recognize you.

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Fyodor Kiryakov
Chief Designer
Kateryna Mykytiuk
CEO, CCO, Co-founder
Yuriy Presnov
Leonid Prytuliak
System Administrator
Vladyslav Presnov
Vitaliy Matskaniuk
Oleg Surkov
CFO, Co-founder
Liudmila Ostrovskaya
Igor Yermakov
СТО, Co-founder

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