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Mithril Ore

Ended: Feb 14, 2018

A cryptocurrency backed by Ethereum preparing for PoS.

New and Rebranded to bring a strong product to Market. Mithril Ore Token is a novel utility for ether-backed pooling and eventual 'Casper' Staking. The token is limited, scarce, collectible, and there will be annual token consolidations and concentration of shares.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Hard Cap:
3,000,000 MORE
Hong Kong

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Dec 7, 2017 — Feb 14, 2018 @ 69 days

Token distribution

Marketing/Infrastructure 1.0%
Crowdsale 93.0%
Mitrhil Ore Board of Directors 6.0%

ICO Overview

Mithril Ore Token is a novel utility token for several unique reasons. First, the token is first in the market to be backed by Ethereum. As a result, it will serve as the first ‘Casper’ mining pool to the digital token Market. ‘Casper’ is known as the ‘Proof of Stake’ or POS upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain. This particular upgrade goes green regarding energy usage, in which the Ethereum blockchain no longer uses energy-wasting ‘Proof of Work’ mining, but rather, more secure, energy saving POS. In order for POS to be profitable for those with limited Ether, they will need to pool Ether with others. Mithril Ore is the first advanced staking pool to the market and will utilize this service in a crowd-friendly way.


James T. Scribner
CFO, Finance - University of Creighton
James Scribner
Chief Financial Officer
David C. Hairston, Mba
Director Management and Marketing
Tyler C. Cooper
Corporate Management Supervisor
Lawrence 'Buc' Brown
Chief Technical Officer
Laura S. Hopkins
Chief Executive Officer
Mishael Mintz
Director, Strategic Planning
Jeremy M. Gifford, Mcp Ait
Senior Technical Engineer
Lawrence ‘Buc’ Brown
Chief Technical Officer
Victor Tan
Chairman Web and Software Development
David C. Hairston
Director Management and Marketing
Matthew K. Steehler
President, Mithril Ore Board of Directors
Matthew Steehler
President, Mithril Ore Board of Directors
Tyler C. Cooper, Mba
Corporate Management Supervisor
Laura Hopkins, Jd Ceo
Lawyer, Fintech Entrepreneur, CEO
Andrew Lubahn
Lead Marketing Specialist


Michael Mintz
Director Strategic Planning, Executive Advisor
Jeremy Gifford

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