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ICO Time: Oct 1 — Nov 1
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Ended: Feb 16, 2018

Blockchain-powered software platform for flying vehicles to give people affordable and spectacular way to avoid traffic jams in big cities

McFly.aero is a solution to the "who owns the button" problem on the air taxi market. It will use blockchain technology to give the Button to You, push for operational efficiencies, provide volumes to partners and great prices to passengers.



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Dec 1, 2017 — Feb 16, 2018 @ 77 days

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About McFly.aero You go out on the street and you have got some McFly tokens. Tokens are “flight itself”. You use them to order an aerial vehicle (electric vertical take-off and landing, autonomous or semi-piloted) to the nearest landing area or directly to your house roof and you use your mobile device. At times you will wish to vote to get priority service (for example, in case of a temporary lack of available vehicles in your area). Then you do it in two ways: With the number of tokens in your wallet (without spending them, this affects the "class of service") By consenting to a higher tariff determined by demand and supply ratio at the moment. (And the decentralized system allows you to see real-time changes in the current demand and supply of network capacity in your area and your fair trading will form the final flight price) The aerial vehicle then arrives to take you to the desired destination and some tokens are transferred from the client’s wallet into the "current" (operational) wallet of the vehicle. From this wallet the vehicle autonomously settles all associated costs of the urban flight and its ecosystem and infrastructure: Battery recharge costs Landing site (vertiport) rent Purchase of media content the passenger opted to enjoy Scheduled maintenance Air traffic control Insurance costs, etc The vehicle may even track cabin damage and other excessive use of its resources and issues additional bill to the passenger on the smart contract basis.

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Oleg Tsyganov
Microsoft business development executive turned IT...
Vladimir Salatov
Test pilot and engineer with over a decade's worth...
Kirill Elagin
Digital Marketing and analytics
Victor Mameaux
ngénieur aérospatiale, fondateur associé
Nik Bezhko
CreativeRussia founder, community building, creati...
Alexey Maltsev
Pilot, captain of aircraft on long-haul routes


Torbjörn Ranta
Advisor, Investment banker turned investor and ent...
Sergey Borisov
Advisor, Hero of the Russian Federation, test pilo...
Ilya Khanykov
Advisor, Financial sector executive turned high-te...
Val Jerdes
Advisor, International lecturer, head of the Silic...
Kimitoshi Era
Advisor, Entrepreneur, president of Star Flight Ja...

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