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Ended: Apr 4, 2017

Social Network

Making human connections

a decentralized matchmaking and dating protocol build on Ethereum.

A decentralized matchmaking service which uses group dynamics for dating people or any kind of paid membership community which can clearly define two sides of an interaction or market


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Total supply
100,000,000 GUP

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Apr 2, 2017 — Apr 4, 2017 @ 2 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
60,000,000 GUP @ 60.0%

ICO Overview

To make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentivised based community platform that will enable anyone to open their own community inside the network. An internal reward mechanism will help facilitate connections in a positive way.

Disclaimer: Matchpool solicited a formal review of their token sale. We were compensated for that private review. We have summarized findings from the audit at the bottom of this report. We do not offer profiles or reports as a paid service, and we disclose all financial relationships we have with projects.

Update: Matchpool reached its funding target of 125,000 ETH (approximately $6 million) in less than two days. On April 5th, there was also a high-profile departure of Philip Saunders, one of its co-founders: in a slack announcement, he accused Matchpool of removing funds from the multisig address. Matchpool did announce their intention to do this on April 3rd, although by team’s own admission and apology, the funds were sent to a Trezor wallet rather than the announced BitcoinSuisse or Smart Contract Japan. Phillip issued another statement on April 5th, criticising the team’s lack of development expertise and calling on the team to issue a refund or change the core team. The team also issued a statement on bitcointalk briefly explaining the fallout with Philip: after realizing that “his position is deteriorating” and that “others may be recruited,” he asked for “his promised yearly salary today” and when the team refused, “decided to take us all down with him by accusing us of stealing.”

We encourage Matchpool to issue a public statement, not on a forum, informing people of this development. Matchpool has issued a formal statement and explanation.

What is the project?

Matchpool is a platform intended to facilitate matchmaking economies in dating communities.

The platform is built around exclusive dating communities called pools. Individuals will be able to create their own matchmaking pools via the Matchpool mobile app, curated along lines of demographics, geography, and interests. Like Tinder, Facebook profiles will be used to verify user identities. Users who fit a pool’s curation parameters are able to join as subscribers using GUP, the native token of Matchpool. The team has described a pool as “a slack group with payment rules.” Users can join multiple pools.

Those who open pools are called ‘hosts’ and they can designate other moderators called ‘helpers’. Hosts and helpers are incentivized to propose matches between members of the dating pool through a rewards system. When successful matches are made, the person who proposed the match earns a portion of fees from the pool.

There are also incentives for developers to create integrations called “dapplets,” e.g. a Tinder swiping feature, for hosts who pay usage fees. These integrations will be available via a decentralized app-registry with a built-in review system. Like demographic, interest and size parameters, the pool fees and rewards systems are customizable.

In the first incarnation, Matchpool will use a collection of Ethereum smart contracts to manage collection and distribution of funds. However, a significant portion of the user-facing mobile application, including functionality such as messaging, data storage and user profile and pool creation, will be hosted on centralized servers.

Although the first implementation will be dating, the team is interested in exploring social networking solutions for other industries including education, health, and recruitment.

The platform’s native guppy token (GUP) is the exclusive means of paying subscription fees for the various dating pools. GUP is an Ethereum meta-token.

The platform’s native guppy token (GUP) will have supply of 100 million, with 60% released in the crowdsale and 20% issued for the team & advisors. Team & advisor tokens will be non-transferable for 1 year after crowdsale. There will also be irregular emissions totalling 18% of supply for new users over the first two years. Here it is worth noting that controls will be in place to ensure only high-quality users receive newcomer credits. Potential requirements are a female profile with at least 300 Facebook friends. Finally, the remaining 2% will be issued and distributed as bounties immediately following the crowdsale. Details regarding the sale’s bonus structure can be found below.

The team is in the process of setting up a GmbH in Switzerland to provide formal governance and ensure structural continuity within regulatory boundaries.

In regard to technology, the project is also still in the proof-of-concept phase. They have the code of the crowdsale smart contract available on Github and a draft of the smart contract governing the use of GUP tokens in pools. They also have a demo video that shows off the intended design of the platform.

At time of writing, specifics of the project roadmap, milestones and associated fund-disbursement conditions have not been released, however, Matchpool has confirmed that a ⅔ MultiSig format will be implemented with Bitcoin Suisse AG.

In assessing the competition, we take only the dating implementation into account.

Accordingly, we see the most direct competitors being high-touch dating applications such as The League and OKcupid which use a combination of algorithms and centralized expert knowledge to facilitate matching. The question here is whether pool owners are more skilled and/or perceived as more legitimate authority figures than the available centralized services.

Indirect competition will come in the form of lower-touch dating applications such as Tinder and Bumble where users facilitate matches themselves. These present less of a threat as they attract users who are confident in their ability to choose and connect with appropriate partners, and have the time to do so.

The team lists twelve non-advisor members and provides their full names, though they don’t provide links to third-party information.

Advisors include Dr. Gavin Wood, Jake Brukhman of CoinFund, Joe Shapira of JDate, and Ned Scott of Steem.

Below is an excerpt of findings from our audit with Matchpool.



Update: A previous version of this article said that MME was slated to serve as an escrow signatory. MME has confirmed they are not an escrow signatory. Lior Zysman, who serves as Matchpool’s legal advisor on their Advisory Board, is serving as a third escrow signatory.

March 18, 2017 at 1:41 pm, J Rensen said:

Do all these figures remain accurate – is $4.2 million US still the ICO max limit?


March 20, 2017 at 4:07 pm, Matt Chwierut said:

Good catch J Rensen. The max now appears to be $5 million US: “The Matchpool crowdfunding campaign…will last for 4 weeks or until our CAP of Ethereum equivalent to 5million USD will be reached. ETH price will be adjusted to the current market USD price.” We have updated this in our listing.


March 28, 2017 at 6:02 pm, Lee said:

I cant see link where to invest?


March 28, 2017 at 7:30 pm, Andreas Weiler said:

> Hi Lee, thanks for your inquiry. If you’re interesting in participating in the token sale, all the relevant information to do so can be found at


April 06, 2017 at 7:34 pm, diana said:

can I get a refund from Match pool for transfer made from an exchange wallet, since I realised I couldn’t have used an exchange wallet too late?


April 06, 2017 at 8:38 pm, Andreas Weiler said:

> Hi Diana. If you sent Ether from an exchange, the relevant data would not have been included and the token sale contract would have rejected the transaction. First, use the relevant transaction ID provided in your withdrawals history to check if this was indeed the case via Second, contact your exchange asking where the reimbursed Ether is being held. Best of luck!


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About Matchpool Matchpool is a platform that creates human connections. Our Vision Our vision is to build a platform for matchmakers by allowing anyone to create their own community ‘pool’ for free and invite their members to their pool. End users of our platform will be able to find connections on the app by joining the pools that best cater to their needs. Matchmaking We are building the first platform for mainstream matchmaking powered by a cryptographic token economy. Tokens (Guppies) can be purchased or sold with real money. Matchpool’s trusted algorithm rewards users automatically across the platform. Rules & Rewards Anyone can open and manage their own ‘pool’ and become a community / pool owner. A pool owner can set their own ‘pool rules’ and terms. Pool owners are rewarded when they create matches inside of their pool. Use Cases Dating Membership Clubs Leisure / Lifestyle Businesses Recruitment Education Health

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


Asaf Eliyahu
Or Demri
Full Stack Developer
Meir Cohen
Harraj Mann
Dan Timsit
Arnaud Gaboury
Community Manager
Danielle Vertman
Brett Harvey
Community Manager
Adam Zigdon
Clara Mercer
Head of Communications
Maximus Richardson
Katherine Bai
Community Manager in China


Michal Ofek Reisfeld
Lior Zysman
Legal Advisor
Joe Shapira
Hermione Way
Ned Scott
Jake Brukhman
Dr Gavin Wood

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