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ImmVRse is a decentralised digital 360 degree media sharing and collaboration platform. The platform will allow content creators to showcase their talent, allowing brands and companies to hire them directly. It will also be a content platform where general viewers will be able to view, like, comment and share their thoughts with others. Additionally, the platform will encourage content creators and viewers to earn accolade and badges. By interacting with the blockchain and earning badges, users will be earning rewards in form of ImmVRse tokens. Content creators will be at the center of the ecosystem. All transactions within the ecosystem will be validated and encrypted using Ethereum’s smart contract function. As a result, the ecosystem will run without the need of an arbitrary third party or a financial controller. Brands will pay the content creators using the token, while advertisers will also be able to run ads on the platform. Having an universal currency assists in using it in any number of jurisdictions, perform fast settlements and also facilitate incentivised contracts. The job creation platform will also run on Ethereum smart contracts. Therefore, job creation and hiring process will be peer to peer. Every contract will have its own parameters set by users on each side, e.g. a company and a creator. The smart contracts function will also be utilised to process financial disputes easily and automatically. ImmVRse will use distributed network storage specifically designed for blockchain, that will remove duplication of data and uses mirror techniques to replicate signatures. ID, licenses and sensitive data will be stored on the blockchain using distributed storage. ImmVRse team consists of members who carries more than 10 years experience on an average. Core team members and advisors of the ImmVRse team are experienced in managing multi-million dollar large-scale projects, marketing, human resources, infrastructure development, process specialisation and most importantly, blockchain. Our ability to develop complex projects, paired with our expertise in crypto trading and investing, forms a strong foundation in building a successful blockchain start-up.


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Ethereum (ERC20)
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300,000,000 IMV

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Shahad Choudhury
Limon Rahman
Co-Founder & COO
Caroline Tibbitts
Project Manager
Hugh Tonks
Tony Freeman
Samira Cheurfi
Android Developer
Mark Higgins
Chief Information Officer
Farabi Shayor
Co-Founder & CEO
Peter Gostincar
Chief Technical Officer
Katrina Sale
Jason Taylor
Head of Business Strategy and Development
Robin Ware
Chief Solutions Architect
Adrian Chan
Head of Marketing


  • Quarter 4, 2017

    Under Development
  • Quarter 1, 2018

    Launch of Marketing Campaign Pre ICO
  • Quarter 2, 2018

    ICO Launch Coin Release

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