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iLINK CBC is on a mission to create a revolutionary blockchain powered Geosocial community network that will connect locals through a variety of features, including events platform, ride and meal share services, renting and marketplace ecosystems and even a lost and found service! Together, these products will work to unite people in a completely different way while at the same time creating new opportunities for small businesses and corporations alike!

iLINK is the first location-based social commerce platform powered by the Ethereum and NEO blockchain and has 3-core functions. 1) Geosocial community networks 2) Hyperlocal business and service portal 3) E-commerce marketplace iLINK ecosystem presents a new form of socio-economic relations, brings local users, communities, businesses, and organisations together, facilitates P2P, B2B and B2C interactions in local communities. It is a latest technological innovation that utilises geosocial networking to bridge communities and to promote local businesses and organisations to communicate and interact with its members. By redistributing the financial benefits derived from co-creation, each user is acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions to the community, feels part of something greater, becomes invested in the social infrastructure, and is motivated to do more; which grows the community and enables everyone to rise together.

Geosocial Hyperlocal Ecosystem. Community building with value co-creation. The CBC Token is both an NEP-5 & an ERC-20 standard token on the NEO and Ethereum blockchain respectively.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Soft Cap:
15,000,000 USD
Hard Cap:
50,000,000 USD
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Token distribution

Tier Four: 0.0%
Biz Dev/ Alliance 15.0%
Legal 10.0%
Tier Three: 5.0%
Marketing / Platform Growth 30.0%
Contingency 10.0%
Team / Admin / RundefinedD 35.0%
Tier One: 15.0%
Tier Two: 10.0%

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