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GEZ is an advanced solution for any e-commerce business. Blockchain technology allows us to create secure, faster transactions between buyer and seller, creating trades to be more efficient in the growing economy of cryptocurrency. QUASIS technology enables connection of literally any blockchain, without creating a new larger blockchain.

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About GEZ In total 1.0% fee will be charged from the buyers of that 0.5% transaction fee will go to merchants, 0.25% will go in a form of GEZ for token holders for an ability to use that in the ecosystem and other 0.25% will go to the company as revenues. Every time transaction is made the blockchain will record the time of the transaction, both receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time, and all other information that is typically needed to ensure trust. All the sensitive information will be hashed and only available to authorized users in a developed user interface. With the help of Ethereum blockhain accepting payments are generally up to 6X cheaper and up to x10000 faster for merchants. After simple integration with GEZ, merchants will be able to: accept Ethereum, and other crypto-based tokens, with the ability for merchants to easily receive selected crypto-currency, and for the buyers to pay in any of them after we develop QUASI to connect the blockchains. The GEZ Crew has a mission to make blockchain technology easily accessible to consumers. We will not only develop the tools bridging the virtual with reality, but also provide the unique services consumers want, understand, and are willing to purchase using GEZ. By incorporating revenue streams into our projects, the GEZ Crew will be able to integrate QUASI blockchain network.


Rasmus Bjørn Dahl
Software Engineer
Shaban Shaame
Front/End Developer
Jean-Baptiste Lefevr...
Craig Brown
Engineer Lead
Greg Jerremo
Technical Lead
Michael Fisher
Industrial Engineer
Jesús Mínguez
Front/End Developer

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