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Ended: Sep 30, 2017
Aiming for high returns on real estate development.

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Sep 28, 2017 — Sep 30, 2017 @ 2 days

ICO Overview

About Estate Coin We are a development company and we want to build up to 10 houses according to the submitted project. Each house is equipped with a 1500TH/s miner. When working, the miner allocates heat for heating the apartments. Payment for heat is included in the package of utility payments paid by residents of apartments. Thus, part of the cost of electricity for the miners is paid by the future residents of the apartments. In addition, houses are built in district centers, where electricity is of low cost. All this in aggregate gives an opportunity to increase the investment income of the project. Investors will be able to receive a stable income over a long period of time: the houses are designed for operation for about 70 years, the mining will be relevant for at least 100 years. To attract investment, we decided to use an innovative way of financing: IСO. This new mechanism gives us new opportunities for expanding the portfolio of construction projects. Our project takes care of its investors and offers them unique investment conditions: 3% of the nominal value of the contracts for the first 12 months after the end of the IСO campaign (сonstruction of houses on this project takes adout 12 months), 25% after the sale of apartments in the houses (in 14 months), and also repays every 3 months 60% of the extracted crypto currency. More detailed conditions you can find in the materials on our project. The project Estate Coin offers a new concept of investment. A key feature of the project is the symbiosis of information technologies and technologies for the construction of residential buildings. In accordance with this, we use the technology of heat recovery, allocated during the crypto currency mining, in the process of heating the apartment house. As a result, all participants of the project will benefit: investors receive additional income for their investments, the developer receives financing to build up the portfolio of projects, the owners of the constructed housing optimize the costs of heating their apartments. We, as a developer (building company) have a rich experience in the construction of all types of infrastructure. In total, the company built and reconstruct more than 30 objects with a total area of more than 145,000 square meters. We have been building for more than 13 years. And every year we replenish the arsenal of our tools with modern methods and world achievements in the field of construction technologies. The use of innovative materials and technologies allows the market to provide a competitive offer.


Andrew Makeev
Oleg Kirillov
Serg Nogai
Alexandr Zasypkin
Alexander Shulgin
Leading Specialist in Blockchain technologies
Ivan Egorov
Alexandr Komlev
Project Engineer
Julia Makarova

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