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Ended: Aug 31, 2018

ENTRY is a blockchain - based platform empowered by smart contracts; it which not only acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payment and lending services, cross-border payments, ATM facility/convenient withdrawals, but also as a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world. Blockchain - based platform acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payment and lending services, cross-border payments, ATM facility/convenient withdrawals also as a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world..


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Soft Cap:
25,000,000 ENTRY
Hard Cap:
325,000,000 ENTRY
Entry Money Ltd, United Kingdom
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Total supply
590,000,000 ENTRY


Pre-Sale Date:
May 3, 2018 — May 10, 2018 @ 7 days
Pre-Sale Avalable Tokens:
75,000,000 ENTRY @ 12.7%
Pre-Sale Price:
1 ENTRY = 0.1 EUR

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Jun 1, 2018 — Aug 31, 2018 @ 91 days
Sale Avalable Tokens:
250,000,000 ENTRY @ 42.4%
1 ENTRY = 0.44 EUR

Token distribution

Token Sale 55%
Bounty 3%
Advisors 5%
Team 20%
SCO 17%

Funding breakdown

Legal 22%
Operational cost 10%
Marketing 20%
Bug bounty 3%
Business Development 40%
Academic research 5%

Telegram members

Hype ICO Stats


Laurynas Valiūnas
Marketing Adviser at Entry.Money
Tomas Ambrazas
CEO at Entry.Money
Eugenijus Kaziliūnas
Project and Financial Consultant at Entry.Money
Indre Stasiulyte
Project and Operational Manager at Entry.Money
Robertas Stankevičius
Business Strategy at Entry.Money
Paulius Silickas
CFOO at Entry.Money
Rima Delgiado
Community Hero at Entry.Money
Justas Maziliauskas
Developer at Entry.Money
Vytautas Butėnas
Backend developer at Entry.Money
Gediminas Kapleris
Business Strategy at Entry.Money
Martynas Cicermanas
Business Strategy at Entry.Money
Martynas Kasiulis
ICO Consultant at Entry.Money
Artūras Svirskis
Marketing Adviser at Entry.Money
Jonas Levinskas
Backend Developer at Entry.Money
Renata Ladinska
Financial Analyst at Entry.Money
Ignas Sakalauskas
Community Hero at Entry.Money
Marius Barvydas
Strategic Planning at Entry.Money
Audrius Vitartas
Financial Analyst at Entry.Money
Tadas Ambrazas
CFO at Entry.Money
Karolina Latožaitė
Community Hero at Entry.Money
Neringa Šiaulytė
Social Networking Hero at Entry.Money
Girvydas Bartkus
Developer at Entry.Money
Vilius Šapola
Developer at Entry.Money


  • 2015

    Started development and obtained Money Institution License.

  • 2017

    Signed agreement with Central bank to get SWIFT and IBAN numbers to connect EU SEPA system.

  • 2017

    Developed payment gateway (credit/debit cards, bank links and others) to collect funds for online shops.

  • 2017

    Started integrations with Central Bank system to provide peer-to-peer payments to all EU banks and started to build infrastructure for international payments.

  • 2017

    Started crypto-exchange and beta version will be ready before ICO or during ICO.

  • 2017

    Conducted meetings with card issuers for issuance of MasterCard or Visa cards to the ENTRY users and invested more than 1 million Euro for continuous development of the platform.

  • Q1-Q3 2018

    Started developing Pre-ICO and ICO. During ICO we will launch payment gateways (ENTRY.MONEY) with bank accounts for personal use. We will launch crypto exchange (ENTRY.EXCHANGE).

  • Q4 2018

    Change money institution license (already obtained) to Electronic Money License or European Bank License. Starting to obtain financial licenses outside EU to operate worldwide.

  • Q1-Q2 2019

    Expand (ENTRY.MONEY) services adding business account worldwide and launch app.

  • Q3-Q4 2019

    Release (ENTRY.NETWORK) wallet to store, send, receive your crypto, participate in ICO through wallet. Blockchain (own or partners owned).

  • Q4 2019

    Start P2P Lending (ENTRY.BANK).

  • Q2-Q3 2020

    Launch ATM systems (ENTRY.CASH) and put cash machines for beta testing.

  • Q3-Q4 2020

    Start partnerships with agents to provide deposits and withdrawal services with cash.

  • 2021

    Investment, loans and other banking and finance services worldwide.

How to verify ICO

To get a verified status, you need to place a our logo with the link on your ICO's website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts.

Have you found any errors or inaccuracies? Please, let us know . Are you the representative of the ICO? We a variety of offers for cooperation.

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