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Ended: May 17, 2018

People-driven Investment Community

BullToken is a new and exciting addition to the cryptocurrency scene. Aiming to give cryptocurrency investors an arena to work together towards a common goal, The BullToken Community Platform is the first social media space of it’s kind. Everything revolves around the Community, and the idea that a self-governing group of crypto-investors can work together to become an efficient and prosperous ICO investing machine. In short, the crypto-market is riddled with ICOs, and this has multiple implications for any investor. Time is money, and with more and more ICOs launching every day, there just isn’t enough time to efficiently sift through every ICO you find. Functioning as one giant symbiotic investing-machine, BullToken aims to accomplish thousands of hours a week of careful and skillful ICO analysis, easily cutting through all the BS out there, not to mention the re-birth of the fast spreading Ponzi schemes of the past. The Community’s collective effort combined with a rewards system for those actively taking part, is a recipe for crypto investor heaven. On December 7th, BullToken will open its doors to pre-registered and verified investors only. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects BullToken is a valuable project to the crypto ecosystem because we aim to bring legitimacy and transparency to ICO standards and weed out ICO scams. The BullToken Community’s job is to find and analyse ICOs. We are unique because we offer multiple ICO exposure (voted on by our Community), through a single token, and each member is rewarded for their contributing. With the potential size of our Community and the high volume we’ll be investing, BullToken should be able to negotiate special agreements on ICOs.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Kingdom of Norway
Total supply
54,649,674 BULL

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Dec 7, 2017 — May 17, 2018 @ 161 days

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Ole Morten Heggebakken Amundsen
Chairman of the Board & Startup Consultant
Ankit Jain
UI/UX Designer and Developer
Thomas Hagen
Senior Developer
Henrik Holter
Project Manager
Pål André Sundt
Senior Smart Contract Developer
Ashish Gupta
Solution Architect
Louie Procopio
Karianne Berg
Senior Developer & General Manager
Prateek Singhal
Senior Engineer QA
Manish Gupta
Technical Director
Espen Moen Kvelland

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