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Cryptocurrency Platform Investment


Ended: Nov 1, 2017

Bibox is dedicated to provide the mostcomplete trading features to investor: 1.While Bibox provides the platform forspot trading, it also provides the service of leverage trading, securitylending (coin lending) and contract trading. 2. Bibox provides complex ordersystem such as condition order, TWAP, iceberg order, stop loss/stop gain.3. Bibox’s blockchain experts evaluate each token, with assistance fromBibox’s proprietary AI technology, and decide which token to list on Bibox basedon evaluated result. 4. By using AI technology, Bibox serves a trading assistant whichprovides quantitative algorithms in a simple way for individual investors. How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects Bibox platform utilizes the most advanceddistributed cluster system to ensure its handling capacity more than 10 millionusers and enhance its huge error tolerance. Bibox can match trades withmillions of trades per second, which shortens the execution time enormously foreach trade.

AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Republic of Estonia
Total supply
1,000,000,000 BIX

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale:
Oct 2, 2017 — Nov 1, 2017 @ 30 days

Telegram members

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