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Ended: Sep 6, 2017

Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting. Organisers can create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced platform costs, and can set price controls and receive commissions on secondary market sales.

Open standard for the fair, secure, and transparent promotion and sale of event tickets

Fair, secure, and transparent ticketing industry

Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting.

An Ethereum based open standard for the exchange of event tickets built on the blockchain. Sale delayed to late Aug, then revised to early September.

A global standard for a more fair, secure and transparent ticketing industry

$20,060,400.00 raised. Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting. Organisers can create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced platform costs, and can set price controls and receive commissions on secondary market sales.


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ICO Details

Ticker Symbol:
Ethereum (ERC20)
Hard Cap:
60,000 ETH
Aventus Systems Limited, 2016, England
United Kingdom
Total supply
10,000,000 AVT

Public Crowdsale

Sale Avalable Tokens:
6,000,000 AVT @ 60.0%
1 AVT = 3.4 USD (0.01087 ETH)

Token distribution

Marketing 8.5%
Employees 65.6%
Event Hosting 7.4%
Contractors 3.5%
Legal/Accounting 4.7%
Office + Indirect 10.4%

ICO Overview

Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting. Organisers can create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced platform costs, and can set price controls and receive commissions on secondary market sales.

Aventus aims to be a decentralized, autonomous protocol for the exchange of event tickets. The project’s main objective is to bridge the primary and secondary market for ticket sales by reducing the profitability of ticket scalping, fraud and other rent-seeking behaviors. The development team imagines Aventus as an open source protocol that will serve as the underlying layer for the online event ticket market.

Aventus aims to tackle three major problems with the existing online event ticket market.

Event tickets will be digital and associated with the buyer’s identity, though the technology for ticket redemption were not discussed in depth in the white paper.

Bridging the primary & secondary markets

Aventus proposes combining the primary and secondary ticket markets into one rail, giving event sponsors and organizers the power to customize the terms of how tickets are sold on each market. Ticket sellers will be able to customize ticket sales terms on a number of levels.

The secondary market will also be controlled in other ways which aren’t customizable. Ticket buyers will be required to provide identifying information, such as a photo or an I.D. of some kind, when they create an account on the network. Any tickets they purchase will then be associated with their account ID on the blockchain. In this way, tickets can be tracked when they are put up for re-sale on the secondary market.

In addition, the secondary market is anonymized much like buyers and sellers on an asset exchange are. Sellers are matched with committed buyers, but their identities are kept secret. This prevents sellers on the secondary market from ostensibly following the rules of the Aventus protocol, but then collecting additional payments off-chain because they don’t know who the buyers are.

Aventus hopes that these controls will reduce the economic incentive of scalping tickets and help eliminate the types of rent seeking behaviors that currently cause friction between the primary and secondary ticket sale markets.

Fraud prevention & Consumer Protection

Aventus plans on combating fraud in a number of ways.

Fraud detection is conducted using a liquid democracy. When a user wants to flag an event as fraudulent, they pay a deposit which must then be matched by the event organizer. If the event organizer chooses to pay the deposit, the issue is decided by a vote of token holders. After a review period, the community of token holders votes on whether they think the event is legitimate. Whichever side wins, splits the deposit of the losing side as a reward. The winner gets their deposit returned to them. Specific rules regarding quorums and length of review period have not been established.

Token holders can also whitelist or blacklist third-party apps and developers using a similar mechanism.

Open protocol built on the Ethereum Network

Aventus will be built as an open protocol on the Ethereum network. Users will be able to participate in the network by

The Aventus team hopes that this approach will encourage positive competition and help increase complementary behaviors in the retail ticket industry

The Aventus token has a number of uses on the network.

On July 13th Aventus released a public alpha on the Rinkeby test net. The alpha has a slimmer set of features and only works with Metamask, but they claim they will trial a major 2k+ attendee event later this year on it.

On July 6th, Blue Horizon Entertainment, a USA based live music festival producer, announced that it signed an agreement with Aventus. Aventus will begin doing ticketing for Blue Horizon in 2018.

Recently, another blockchain startup, BlockTix, announced that it was launching a token sale to build a decentralized online ticket market. The two projects have somewhat different aims. Aventus focuses on providing a global infrastructure for ticket promoters that want to sell tickets with their own app on top of the protocol. In contrast, BlockTix is trying to build an advertising network for event organizers and ticket buyers. Furthermore, BlockTix focuses on preventing counterfeit but does not disincentivize off-chain ticket scalping.

Aventus discusses several other blockchain-based competitors in a blog post, though it (accurately) points out that of blockchain-based competitors, BlockTix has the most publicly available information. These companies are.

Outside of the blockchain industry, Aventus will have to compete with a cohort of established ticket retailers including Stubhub, Ticketmaster, CheapTickets, and SeatGeek among others. These companies have many advantages including an established user base, industry partners, brand recognition, customer service operations, and the ability to accept payment in fiat. Due to existing network effects and the current usability challenges with tokens, carving out a segment of the ticket market will be an uphill battle for any blockchain startup entering the scene.

The Aventus team is fully transparent and is co-directed by Alan Vey and Annija Monari. The co-founders met while working on their Master’s degrees at Imperial College, London where Alan studied Artificial Intelligence and wrote his thesis on blockchain-based film rights distribution. Annika holds Masters in Particle physics and wrote a thesis on the use of A.I. in particle detection.

The team also includes Kavon Soltani, Head of Sales, who was the project coordinator for the Ultra Music Festival; Head of Product Andy Grant, who has been building ticketing applications for the the event industry for the better half of the last 20 years; and Head of Communications Arnaud Gabury who acted as acommunity manager for The DAO, Matchpool, and French President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign.

UX design is being headed by Mario Vassiliades, founder of digital design studio Series Eight. Aventus has an exclusive design contract with Series Eight, who is responsible for their website.

Aventus also has relationships with a number of advisors with experience in cryptocurrency research, the economics of ticket sales, entertainment management and finance. The advisors includes Diane Bowers, the director of Blue Horizon Entertainment.

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About Aventus Aventus is a decentralised protocol creating a less fraudulent and tout-filled event ticketing industry. The protocol's token Avent ("AVT") is key to enforcing its economic model. Its purpose is to reward participants for providing value (e.g. voting on the legitimacy of events, buying tickets, promoting events, and matching buyers and ticket resellers). How it works Create Your Event: Sign up and create your event for a fraction of the fees charged on other online ticketing hubs. Create and issue your tickets, which can be anything from drink vouchers to early bird entry. Set Your Own Ticket Market Standards: Choose if you want your tickets to be resold and in what price range, and even set a fee that you earn from every resale! No one can scam the system, so no more counterfeits and unfair, unregulated ticket black markets ruining your brand name. Promote your event: Leverage blockchain-based micro-payments to create complex reward schemes for ticket buyers in exchange for generating you more ticket sales, drastically decreasing your promotional spend. Sell and Verify Tickets with minimal Fee: Sell tickets for a fraction of the cost on the blockchain. At the event, allow your staff to easily and securely verify tickets at the door and the bar with just our app and a smartphone. Token sale postponed until late August/early September.


Benedict Lewis
full stack engineer
Andy Grant
head of product
Alan Vey
Director, full stack engineer
Annika Monari
Director, full stack engineer
Arnaud Gaboury
Head of communications
Mario Vassiliades
UI/UX design
Kavon Soltani
head of sales


Will Knottenbelt
Technical advisor
Diane Bowers
Business advisor
Ryan Lanham
strategic advisor
Mike Waterson
Economic advisor

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