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Alicoin Cash


The use of cryptocurrency is difficult now. In order to use the available coins, they have to be withdrawn from exchanges, wallets, to pay commissions. Alicoin Cash platform is designed to facilitate the life of coin holders.

Alicoin Cash is a unique free intellectual investment system with full decentralization of smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Based on the analysis of the work of thousands of traders around the world and their own trading and investment experience, the Alicoin Cash platform will select the most reasonable and liquid trades, autonomously forming an investment portfolio that will satisfy the requirements of any investor. The team has developed a trading robot that will work autonomously, that is, investors will not need to monitor its work. The only people who can make changes to the functioning of this robot is the professional team of traders of the project. In order to make the investment platform Alicoin Cash transparent, the technology of blockchain will be used. Thanks to its implementation, each investor will be able to open and view every transaction conducted by our robot. These data will not hide the result of transactions, their size as well as the reasons for which these positions were opened. Everyone will be able to open a report that will arrive at the end of the working week by e-mail or as a message to the messenger and see, what transactions were made, in which markets, how much he received profit or loss. In addition, the team’s goal is to make instant notifications when opening a position using the funds of a certain person. These reports will be impossible to forge or somehow change. That is why we use blockchain that will eliminate falsification. To ensure that investors receive transparent information about what happens with their investments.


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